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  • AGTEC's Reversible Plough were designed to satisfy the farmer and the land for deep tillage. It has proven to be robust and easy to operate. It is a combination of the highest standard of quality along with the reliability of delivering every time.

  • The Mouldboards are responsible for the quality of the overturning. Our Mouldboards are designed and manufactured to sustain all types of soil. They are pre-treated and powder coated to withstand the extreme conditions.

  • The Hydraulic Model can be turned over easily by the tractor's hydraulics at the end of the furrow and the next pass will be made against the previous strip.

  • The Manual Model can also be turned easily by the Farmer by a simple pull on the handle.

  • Our Ploughs are rigorously tested for reverse and forward movements on specially designed testing machines.

  • Different models are offered depending on the tractor and farmers requirement.


  • Designed to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising and soil inversion

  • Developed in heavy and extra heavy models for the first time in India

  • Easy to maintain and lower cost of maintenance.

  • The plough works on both left & right side and automatically reverses the position while ploughing hence less time & diesel consumption.

  • Hardened spring steel cutting blades and share points used for longer life.

  • Easy drawbar adjustment.