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A post pounder is also known as a post driver, post knocker or fence driver, First developed in 1933 during the installation of fences along roads and highways, is now used for various activities such as driving fence posts, poles, signs and other items into the ground.

The core is made of heavy steel pipe closed at one end and has handles welded onto the sides. The handles also come in different styles depending on the application.

The Post Pounder is manufactured and powder coated in house with great attention paid towards the aesthetics of the part.


Spring Action pounder

Built for almost any type of soil, this spring loaded driver provides an easy experience to post fences, post, etc. Loaded with tested springs, the springs push the driver up after impact This model is fit for an easy experience with less pressure on the hands.


T Post Handle Pounder

This model is made using heavy duty pipes. Simply insert the item you wish to post inside the pipe and use the the long handles to pound your way through. The long handles provide more area to grip easily.

Heavy Duty T Post Pounder

Built to post in any type of soil, this model is made from heavy duty steel pipes. The handles are compact and shaped to provide an easy grip.