The basis of becoming far better than a developing country is creating state of the art structures for a stable tomorrow. To support this, we manufacture equipment that addresses the larger requirements of the nation.


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AGTEC has grown aggressively in the construction equipment and Off-Highway sector for the domestic  market. AGTEC has managed to build a respectable name in this sector due to its price competitiveness and superior quality.

AGTEC had a collaboration with Manitou, one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers  in Europe, to manufacture world class Earth Moving Construction Equipment. With steel procured from Internationally approved steel mills, AGTEC defines new standards of safety and excellence with detailed attention towards raw materials and manufacturing.     

Under the construction equipment sector, AGTEC currently manufacturers the following products:


Loader Arm - AGTEC has developed single as well as welded loader arms. Robotically welded, our loader arms conform to international standards in strength and quality. Our bucket loaders are sturdy earth moving equipment that are built to perform in the roughest terrains.


Rail Assembly - AGTEC has developed fully robotic welded rail assembly which provides ease in fitment on the fixture thereby ensuring controlled part consistency.


Inner & Outer Leg - AGTEC has also developed Inner & Outer Legs as a part of pneumatically controlled rear frame assembly for the earth movers.

Bucket: AGTEC manufactures excavator buckets ranging from 1mtr to 2.5mtr. These parts have a global reach for AGTEC with customers in USA and Europe. We rely on the quality of our buckets by using high tensile steel throughout the product. Our welders are certified to perform the perfect weld ensuring the strength of the mating parts. These are powder coated using ROHS approved powder providing SST up to 1000 hours.


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